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Since April 2016, has grown thanks to its dedicated team who have over 50 years of combined experience in the Medical imaging industry. Having worked all across North America and Europe, their knowledge base in CT, MRI and X-ray technology is simply world class. 

Our commitment is to keep things simple and affordable for the customer.  

We want the process of getting your system back up and running to be as seamless and cost-effective as possible. We don’t believe in creating delays by agreeing to provide parts we don’t have. This keeps systems down for longer than is necessary and causes delays to both medical facilities and more importantly their patients. Therefore, we will only ever advertise parts we have in-house, ready to ship.

With that in mind, we take great pride and care to only sell spare parts that have been professionally removed from working systems by our specially trained in-house technical team. These parts are tested, cleaned and catalogued all while adhering to our documented safe handling practices.

We partner with shipping groups who provide a global reach to even the most remote transport routes and who's vast experience with customs clearance eliminates any headaches for the customer.